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The Clearpay Processing team is at your service. Our online services ensure an open line of communication, 24 hours a day

4199 Campus Drive, Irvine CA

Contact us at the Tower during normal business hours and you'll be greeted by a live receptionist.

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As you know, your business must evolve just to survive. The old precepts of listing in the Yellow Pages isn't quite enough to keep pace with today's consumer. In fact, the Internet has become so pervasive, that impressions about one's business is surmised by their presence on the web, or lack thereof. Hence, to respond to this need, Clearpay Processing has combined several venues that constitute a comprehensive line of services to assist businesses to properly exploit communications of today to ensure an edge among their competitors. Clearpay Processing Solutions include, but are not limited to:

Credit Card Processing
Cash Advance Line of Credit
Web Site Design
Web Hosting
Web Marketing
Information Security
POS Design/Dev/Implementation
Network Design/Support


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ESC Merchant services teams up with Clearpay Processing to round out is Merchant Services Offerings. For years, ESC Merchant Services has been serving the Merchant community with POS solutions, Networks, Security, and e-commerce. Now, with its Clearpay Offering, a more comprehensive solution can be provided to ensure that not only do our customers get the very best in technology, but in information processing as well..

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Our pledge...

A thorough evaluation of your current business view will reaffirm your card processing needs beyond a doubt. Seemlessly providing a more economic processing model will result in a fairly significant savings every month. By adjusting your model that better suits your business, you will stop the revenue leaks that you may have unnecessarily been experiencing for years.

In the final analysis

The right card processing solution for your business depends on the nature and volume of your transactions. Merchant Card Processing from Clearpay Processing offers a wide variety of options that you can compare by industry, or you can answer a few questions to get a customized recommendation.


Merchant Solutions:

Credit Card Processing

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Carte Blanche
• Diners

Debit Card Processing

• Maestro
• Interlink
• Star System
• Pulse

Check Processing

• Electronic Check Conversion*
• ACH Checking
• Check Guarantee
• Online Checks
• Electronic Funds Transfer

Web Services

• Traditional Web Design
• Web Hosting
• Web Management/Support
• e-Commerce Design

POS Services

• Traditional POS Selection
• POS Installation
• POS Management/Support

Customer Service

• 24 Hours a Day
• 7 Days a Week Incl. Holidays
• Toll-Free Access
• Web-Based Support

Your Choice of "Front End" Transaction Entry Options

• Point of Sale Terminals
• Online Website
• PC Software
• Cell Phone • Browser-Based Virtual Terminals
• Touch Tone Telephone
• Fax Machine
* Electronic Check Conversion

- Paper checks are converted to electronic items, so you don't have to deposit them at your bank.