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The Clearpay Processing team is at your service. Our online services ensure an open line of communication, 24 hours a day

4199 Campus Drive, Irvine CA

Contact us at the Tower during normal business hours and you'll be greeted by a live receptionist.

(949) 509-6560

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As you know, your business must evolve just to survive. The old precepts of listing in the Yellow Pages isn't quite enough to keep pace with today's consumer. In fact, the Internet has become so pervasive, that impressions about one's business is surmised by their presence on the web, or lack thereof. Hence, to respond to this need, Clearpay Processing has combined several venues that constitute a comprehensive line of services to assist businesses to properly exploit communications of today to ensure an edge among their competitors. Clearpay Processing Solutions include, but are not limited to:

Credit Card Processing
Cash Advance Line of Credit
Web Site Design
Web Hosting
Web Marketing
Information Security
POS Design/Dev/Implementation
Network Design/Support


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ESC Merchant services teams up with Clearpay Processing to round out is Merchant Services Offerings. For years, ESC Merchant Services has been serving the Merchant community with POS solutions, Networks, Security, and e-commerce. Now, with its Clearpay Offering, a more comprehensive solution can be provided to ensure that not only do our customers get the very best in technology, but in information processing as well..

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Our pledge...

A thorough evaluation of your current business view will reaffirm your card processing needs beyond a doubt. Seemlessly providing a more economic processing model will result in a fairly significant savings every month. By adjusting your model that better suits your business, you will stop the revenue leaks that you may have unnecessarily been experiencing for years.


STOP THE 1 to 1.5% PROFIT LEAK - Rewards cards are either marked up 11 basis points or downgraded to MID QUALIFIED rates (1-1.5% higher). Why use us? We process them as qualified cards - BIG DIFFERENCE!

Experienced Technical Support - In addition to your own account management team, you will also have access to our experienced technical helpdesk experts and retrieval/chargeback resolution specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always on duty to help, no matter when you need them.

Payments - Clearpay Processing supports all the major payment types your business needs. Not only can you take advantage of our competitive MasterCard® and Visa® discount rates, we also support American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, Carte Blanche®, JCB®, debit, stored value, corporate cards, EBT cards, and the emerging electronic payment options. And you get quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

Value-Adds - Our systems have the flexibility to integrate with all the major property management systems and other hospitality VARs. So no matter what system your property runs to manage operations, you can rest assured that Clearpay Processing will manage the payments

Varied Terminal Interfaces - Our applications are easy to use both for day-to-day operations and for training of new personnel. Enhanced front-desk features include no-show flag, one-key reauthorization and networking. And if you already own your terminal, in most cases we can convert you to the Clearpay Processing system quickly and easily.

Advanced Communications - We offer a full spectrum of connectivity options to support your processing needs, including dialup, wireless, authorization over high-speed T1 lines and internet transport.

Flexible Platforms - Our options include hospitality management interfaces, stand-alone terminals and our PC product for integrated terminals requiring central reconciliation.

Data Delivery - With a few mouseclicks on your PC, your night auditor or corporate controller can access customized location and corporate-wide data in daily, weekly or monthly reports through secure web access or daily emails. Or better yet, you can download the data into your own accounting systems.

Chargeback and Retrieval Handling - Our expert, aggressive chargeback and retrieval handling can help protect the sales you've already made. We can often act on your behalf, preventing chargebacks before they occur.

Short Startup Time - We've been in this business for over 20 years. If your enterprise is just starting out, or you're switching to our services, we know how to get your system up and running in no time. And we provide the training you need to ensure your staff never misses a beat.

Reliable Service - Our redundant processing centers (in opposite points of the U.S.) ensure maximum uptime and transaction security.

Creative Payment Options - MasterCard® research indicates that 55 percent of consumers would switch to a service provider offering the option of recurring payments by credit card. Our recurring payments system makes it easy to give your customers the choices they want, build long-term relationships, balance revenues and increase profits.

Electronic Check Processing - Give your customers the convenience of paying by check for goods and services ordered via phone or Internet, and reduce your financial risk at the same time. Electronic checks provide an easy, efficient recurring payment tool and provide an alternative to credit cards. And, convert paper checks to electronic checks in your Accounts Receivable operations to speed up payment and reduce manual processes.

Debit Card Processing - Our debit solutions help you tap into one of the fastest growing consumer payment methods and reduce your processing costs. Debit card processing provides you with one more method of recurring payment collection.

Payment Gateway - Our OrbitalTM Payment Gateway enables Internet payment processing for all virtual storefronts, from the most simple to the most sophisticated system.

Electronic Bill Presentment Payment - Industry leading Electronic Bill Presentment Payment (EBPP) providers have integrated Clearpay Processing payment solutions into their products.

Fraud/Chargeback Management
- Our Fraud Solutions suite of services provide flexible solutions to reduce the costly challenges that card-not-present merchants face.

Electronic Reporting - Our secure, web-based reporting interface lets you instantly access your financial reports and easily search our comprehensive transaction archives. If you prefer automated reports, our electronic Delimited File Reporting seamlessly integrates with your internal applications and databases.